Aggressive Criminal Law Representation For State And Federal Drug Cases

A criminal conviction on felony drug charges can lead to life-changing, financially draining punishments.

A "guilty" verdict could put you at risk for lengthy imprisonment, substantial fines and a criminal record that will never be erased.

You should not resign yourself to this worst-case scenario — especially if you feel that a warrantless search, coerced confession or some other form of law enforcement overreach put you in this precarious legal position.

What you should do is this: contact skilled criminal law attorney Dan Krieger of Krieger & Ongert, Attorneys At Law. For more than 20 years of service — as police officer, prosecutor and now defense lawyer — Dan has aggressively and successfully safeguarded the interests of people just like you.

Experienced Drug Charges Defense Lawyer In League City And Galveston, TX

Dan Krieger is personally committed to in-depth investigation, persuasive negotiation with the government and forceful litigation in court that protects your rights against serious felony charges such as drug possession and drug trafficking; sale and delivery; distribution; cultivation; importation; dealing in illegally obtained prescription drugs and party drugs; manufacture of a dangerous controlled substance like methamphetamine; and possession of drug paraphernalia.

In addition to his legal knowledge and assertive advocacy, you receive attentive one-on-one personal service throughout the legal process, including frequent updates on the status of your case. Your questions and concerns are always promptly addressed.

Are you about to stand trial on serious felony charges connecting you to cocaine, heroin, "molly" or a date rape drug? Your free consultation with drug crime attorney Dan Krieger can be arranged right now at 281-557-6311 or by email message. Hablamos español.