Clearing Your Record Of Previous Criminal Charges Through Expunction

If a juvenile misdemeanor charge or alcohol-related offense from long ago has prevented you from passing background checks for employment or housing, you can reclaim your life, starting today — by pursuing an expunction.

Dan Krieger of Krieger & Ongert, Attorneys At Law, can help.

Dan Krieger is a skilled criminal defense lawyer who can assist with an expunction of records, to erase previous charges and increase your chances of getting a job. His background as police officer and assistant district attorney is a valuable asset in the process of representing your rights.

Dan educates his clients on distinctions between expunction and a filing for nondisclosure of prior deferred adjudications, criteria for expunction eligibility and the range of charges that can be expunged. These facts can lead to sound decisions about your future if you have been denied a lease or loan because of past brushes with the law.

Former Prosecutor and Police Officer Works Hard For The Expunction You Need In Galveston And League City, TX

Was a criminal conviction successfully appealed? Were you the victim of identity theft that led to charges against you? Have you received a Governor's Pardon of a prior charge?

A "yes" answer to any of those questions may mean that you qualify to have charges cleared from your record — enabling you to legally deny that an arrest ever happened.

To find out if you are eligible for an expunction, and to speak with a Southeast Texas expunction attorney who has the facts you need, contact Dan Krieger by calling 281-557-6311 or sending an email message. Hablamos español.