Experienced Criminal Defense For Texas Clients Facing Felony Charges

Former police officer and former prosecutor Dan Krieger of the Krieger & Ongert, Attorneys At Law, law firm, represents clients who are dealing with serious felony charges for drug, fraud and violent crimes in Southeast Texas.

Dan has seen criminal law function from a variety of perspectives. He protects your rights by using his unique background, the facts of your case and the ability to anticipate prosecution tactics. He investigates thoroughly, negotiates skillfully behind the scenes and, if your case goes to trial, presents your views persuasively before judge and jury.

The stakes could not be higher for your freedoms and future if you have been arrested for committing a felony. You need someone on your side who listens to you, prepares carefully and knows how a district attorney thinks. These qualities, this work ethic and utmost dedication to your interests can spell the difference between acquittal and conviction.

Dan Krieger is that kind of aggressive advocate for his clients — and has been, in a variety of important capacities, for more than 20 years. His extensive knowledge and insights into strategies can increase your chances of avoiding a criminal record, and a range of harsh punishments.

League City, TX, Felony Attorney Aggressively Protects Your Rights

Types of felony charges that criminal defense lawyer Dan Krieger handles include fraud and other white collar and financial crimes; drug offenses, including trafficking in cocaine and manufacture of methamphetamine; and violent crimes such as aggravated assault, felony assault, stalking and choking.

Are you facing lengthy jail time and heavy fines if convicted? Are you being blamed for causing a fatal motor vehicle accident by driving while under the influence of alcohol or drugs? Are you desperate for experienced defense representation that preserves your liberties and livelihood?

The help you need is just a phone call away — to 281-557-6311. You can also email our League City law offices. Your initial consultation with Dan Krieger is free of charge. Spanish language translation assistance is available upon request.