Protecting Your Rights Against Serious Fraud Charges In State And Federal Courts

No matter how successful your business is, no matter how prominent your standing in the community, a criminal conviction for fraud in state or federal court can put you behind bars for years. Heavy fines can close your company's doors. Personal and professional reputations would be ruined.

There may still be time to protect your rights and help you avoid this bleak future. This is Dan Krieger's goal for every criminal defense client at Krieger & Ongert, Attorneys At Law.

As a former police officer, former fraud investigator and former assistant district attorney, Dan Krieger has in-depth knowledge of the judicial system from several important perspectives. He listens closely to your side of the story. He carefully investigates the circumstances of your arrest for fraud. He anticipates and frustrates prosecutors' tactics. If your case comes to trial, he provides a strong voice for you in court.

But you must act now. Early intervention improves your chances for positive results. Contact Krieger & Ongert today to schedule a free consultationn and case evaluation.

Experienced League City And Galveston, TX, Fraud Defense Attorney Dan Krieger

Dan is a skillful, versatile lawyer who protects your rights after arrests for numerous types of felony fraud charges, including forgery, financial and computer crimes, embezzlement and identity theft. His practice places special focus on defenses against mail, bank, wire, health care, mortgage, credit card and securities fraud, and any other situation in which a person is accused of defrauding another, an employer or institution.

Dan Krieger's track record of success at trial should give you confidence that Krieger & Ongert can get positive results for you too. Arrange a free initial consultation by calling 281-557-6311. Our League City law offices respond promptly to all email messages. If you need Spanish language translation assistance, please tell us.