Former Police Officer Providing Aggressive DWI Defense In League City

If your precious driving privileges are to be preserved after an arrest for drunk driving, the assistance of an experienced, client-focused defense lawyer is essential.

Dan Krieger of Krieger & Ongert, Attorneys At Law, is a skilled defense attorney with keen knowledge of Texas DWI laws. He is also highly familiar with the many ways that an arrest for drunk driving can go horribly wrong. He combines this expertise with lessons learned as former prosecutor and police officer to aggressively protect your rights.

A number of factors can cause law enforcement to misconstrue its probable cause to stop you in traffic for DWI. Rough weather, dangerous roads or a vehicle malfunction can make erratic driving look like drunk driving. You may have been suffering from a pre-existing medical condition, like an allergy. Another motorist's careless driving could have placed you in harm's way. Your standardized field sobriety test exercises may have been too strenuous to perform.

Dan Krieger weighs all of these factors and listens carefully to your side of the story. He examines details of police reports, and challenges results of breath tests conducted with out-of-date or defective equipment. He does everything in his power, behind the scenes in negotiations and during administrative hearings, to restore your Texas driver's license and put you back on the road.

Were you accused of refusing a breath test? Implicated in an alcohol-related accident that injured or killed someone? Arrested for drunk driving while a child or children were in your vehicle? DWI convictions are too expensive, and the personal stakes too high, for you to attempt to represent yourself or retain an inexperienced lawyer who lacks Dan's track record of success.

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Experienced Galveston And League City, TX, DWI Lawyer Dan Krieger

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