When A DWI Drugs Charge Threatens Your Rights And Texas Driver's License

Have you been arrested for impaired driving because of dependence upon prescription drugs, marijuana or another controlled substance?

A conviction on these serious felony charges can mean years of imprisonment, thousands of dollars in fines and a criminal record, just for starters. You may never see your Texas driver's license again, requiring you to depend on public transportation to get to your job. Insurance, housing and loan prospects would suffer, as would your personal reputation.

You need the kind of skilled, focused legal assistance that only a dedicated defense lawyer can provide — and Dan Krieger can provide it.

At Krieger & Ongert, Attorneys At Law, you receive the many benefits of Dan Krieger's unique background as former police officer and former assistant district attorney. Since turning his attention and abilities to the defense of people accused of crimes and DWI, he has built a recognized reputation for positive results in Southeast Texas.

Former Prosecutor and Police Officer — Now An Experienced DWI Defense Attorney Serving Galveston And League City, TX

Dan Krieger knows the value of in-depth investigation of a drunk driving, DWI drugs or felony drug crime arrest. He excels at negotiating with prosecutors toward reduction or dismissal of charges when a client is suspected of driving while impaired by marijuana use or prescription drugs. He is equally effective in presenting persuasive cases before judge and jury if necessary.

As a matter of fact, Dan prepares every case as if it is going to trial. His detailed research and belief in your side of the story shine through in everything he does for you. Throughout the legal process, you receive maximum access to his realistic assessments and strategic recommendations. You can have complete confidence that your rights are being fully protected.

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