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Every divorce is emotionally difficult on some level, but some divorces are particularly contentious, involving heated debates and strong emotions between the divorcing parties. If your divorce or other family law dispute is becoming heated and contentious, it is important to work with an experienced attorney to help you get through the process and achieve the results you need.

It is always important to have a good attorney in a divorce, especially in high-conflict divorces. At Krieger & Ongert, Attorneys at Law, our high-conflict divorce lawyers have decades of experience representing clients throughout Houston and the surrounding Texas areas. We will help you see through the emotional turmoil of your divorce so you can make clear decisions that will benefit you for the future.

A divorce can become contentious for a number of reasons. At Krieger & Ongert, Attorneys at Law, we represent clients in divorce-related matters involving:

  • Contentious child custody battles: Because the children are so important to the parents, child custody disputes frequently become heated.
  • Debt and divorce: No one wants to take on the debts of an ex-spouse. Divorcing couples will frequently debate over the sources of debts and who should be held responsible for repaying certain debts in their property division disputes.
  • High-asset divorces: It is tough for people to leave money on the table in a divorce, even when there isn't much of it to begin with. But when there is a significant amount of money involved, the divorce is likely to become heated.
  • Domestic violence: Obviously, when violence is involved, the situation is high-conflict. In this situation, it is critical to make sure everyone is safe and treated fairly by the legal system.

At Krieger & Ongert, Attorneys at Law, we focus on avoiding high-conflict situations whenever possible through the use of alternative dispute resolution (ADR), including family law mediation. But in some cases, there is no way for the parties to come to resolution amicably. In these cases, our lawyers have the experience and tenacity to represent our clients' interests aggressively in the courtroom.

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