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Domestic violence during a marriage may continue after a divorce is finalized and may require the use of a temporary restraining order, temporary injunction or protective order against the ex-spouse.

The divorce attorneys of Krieger & Ongert, Attorneys at Law bring years of experience addressing domestic violence issues and have worked with courts in the Houston and Galveston area on behalf of their clients.

The cycle of violence is of the most immediate concern to the family law attorney because the cycle generally includes two critical factors: as time goes on, abusive events invariably become (1) more frequent and (2) more violent. By inquiring about these two factors, divorce attorney Kathy Ongert can gain valuable insight into the degree of danger the abused spouse faces. The cycle of abuse carries the feelings of shame, embarrassment, blame, victimization and sometimes hopelessness. It is isolating and frightening.

Temporary Restraining Order

In divorce cases, courts usually do issue temporary restraining orders and temporary injunctions. These orders and injunctions often state that a spouse shall not threaten, harass or cause bodily injury to the other spouse.

They can be enforced, when violated, by a citation for contempt. This means that when a violation occurs, the offended spouse can ask the court that issued the order for an injunction to fine or to jail the recalcitrant spouse.

Temporary restraining orders are customary in cases to preserve the status quo of peace until a hearing can be scheduled and heard.

Protective Order

Another type of court order that can be useful in cases of domestic violence is called a protective order. A protective order may be issued in divorce and other cases where there are nonrelated parties.

A protective order permits a court to exclude an abusive spouse from the parties' home and to call upon local law enforcement authorities to follow through with the eviction. Protective orders also can order one person to stay away from the other. By statute, protective orders receive special attention by local law enforcement agencies.

The relationship between an abused person and the abuser is complex, but the key lies in the domination of the abused person by the abuser. Experts agree that there are a number of circumstances underlying such relationships. Some of the more common "red flags" include ridiculing and demeaning the abused spouse, making threats against the victim, stalking, checking-up on the victim, screening calls or texts or emails, separating the victim from friends and family (isolating), imposing a cycle of financial deprivation and control, and engaging in a cycle of violence.

The violence may originate as yelling and can then progress to physical violence against objects. A favorite seems to be the kicking of doors. Later, the abuser may hurt the abused. The personal violence may begin with a shove, progress to a slap in a later incident, then a slug. Finally, if not broken, the cycle can result in significant bodily injury or death. Family violence is a cycle, and the firm of Krieger & Ongert, Attorneys at Law can help break the cycle.

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