Protecting Your Investment In Your Marriage During Texas High-Asset Divorce

Is your voice being left out of discussions of property division for your high-asset divorce in Southeast Texas?

When you need skilled family law attorneys to represent your views during high net worth divorce settlements, you should contact Kathy D. Ongert and Steven W. Ongert at the divorce and family law firm of Krieger & Ongert, Attorneys At Law, in Houston.

Our attorneys have successfully served high-asset clients for decades when ownership of significant community property is at stake. We know that "equitable distribution" is the ideal when ending a marriage. We also know that it is rarely the reality. So we bring every benefit of the Ongerts' decades of combined experience to the task of protecting your rights.

We also aggressively advocate for you when child custody and visitation rights become an issue. Our deep belief in "the best interests of the child," and your desire to maintain a prominent role in a child's upbringing, post-divorce, guides our quality representation.

Houston, Galveston And League City, TX, High Net Worth Divorce Lawyers With 50 Years Of Combined Experience

At Krieger & Ongert, we work hard to preserve your investment in assets and property that include real estate of all kinds; family businesses in which you were part owner; motor vehicles, private aircraft and boats; deferred income and retirement income; and any possession accumulated during your marriage that can be monetized and valuated.

If the participation of a forensic accountant is necessary to appraise hidden assets, or if income must be accurately assessed to satisfy requirements for child support and alimony, we are prepared to assist with that objective.

Our attorneys offer a number of options for possible resolutions to your disputes, including mediation, alternative dispute resolution and methods of collaborative law; negotiation of specific issues with opposing counsel; and forceful litigation before judge and jury if necessary.

Contact Krieger & Ongert, Attorneys At Law, to arrange a confidential initial consultation, where your high-asset divorce issues can be discussed in detail. Call today at 281-557-6311 or email our Houston law offices.