Divorce Business/Medical Practice

The division of assets can be complicated in any divorce, and this complication is exacerbated when the couple has ownership interests in a business or medical practice. Divorce for business owners and medical practice owners requires legal representation from an experienced, sophisticated legal team.

At Krieger & Ongert, Attorneys at Law, our lawyers bring decades of combined experience and knowledge to every case we handle. Representing clients throughout Houston, Texas, and the surrounding areas, we take an individualized approach. We have handled many asset division cases of this kind, so we know how to help you achieve an efficient, favorable outcome.

We can help you through all phases of dividing a business or medical practice, including:

  • Characterizing the business or practice: The first asset division step is determining whether a business interest is community property or separate property. Only community property can be divided in a divorce, so this step is crucial to the overall process.
  • Valuing of the asset: The next step is determining the value of the business or medical practice. Valuing of a medical practice or other business can be extremely complicated, especially when the business is still operating. We use our decades of combined experience and financial experts to provide accurate assessments.
  • Division of the asset: When a business is still operating, it is often impossible to divide the business. Our lawyers provide creative solutions through mediation and litigation to establish equitable divisions of businesses and medical practices.

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The stakes are high in this type of asset division case. It is important to work with a lawyer who has experience and expertise handling complex and high-conflict divorce and family law matters. To discuss your case with an attorney from our firm, call 281-486-8125 or contact us online.