Property Division

A divorce encompasses a number of distinct, yet interrelated issues, and all of them are important to the parties involved. One of the most significant issues involves dividing the marital assets. Regardless of whether you are in a simple divorce without significant assets or dealing with a high-asset divorce, the stakes are high for you. Obtain counsel from an attorney with experience handling asset division cases.

At Krieger & Ongert, Attorneys at Law, our Houston property division lawyers have decades of combined experience. With a thorough understanding of Texas divorce laws and a commitment to providing exceptional legal service, we provide personalized, results-oriented representation in asset division cases.

Marital Property Division In Texas

In Texas, the legal terminology directing the courts in asset division disputes is "just and right." Judges are supposed to hand down asset division orders that are just and right. It is important to note that this does not necessarily mean exactly equal.

There is significant leeway for judges to make asset division determinations that stray from an even 50-50 split. This makes local experience and knowledge even more significant. With decades of experience handling family law matters in and around the Houston area, we are uniquely positioned to represent you in the local court system.

We can help you with all of the complicated aspects of asset division, including:

  • Determining assets: Only marital assets are divisible in a divorce, so the first step is determining which assets are separate property and which are community property.
  • Valuing assets: We have experience working with financial experts to determine the true value of all types of property, investments and retirement accounts.
  • Dividing assets: We help achieve a favorable outcome through mediation or litigation, in the division of all types of assets, including complex and highly contested issues like dividing a business or medical practice.

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