Enforcement and Contempt

A court order requiring a parent to pay child support to another parent is an enforceable document.

If someone fails to make the child support payment as specified in the court order this gives rise to a legal cause of action, to enforce the court's order.

Enforcement of a child support order begins by the filing of a motion for contempt against the parent not paying the support. It is quite common for the relationship between the parties to disintegrate quickly once the enforcement action have begun and expert legal advice from the attorneys at Krieger & Ongert, Attorneys at Law law firm will help preserve a workable relationship between the parties and solve the legal issue.

Contempt actions can be brought against a party refusing to follow a court order for visitation and access to the children as well. Failure to follow the terms of a valid court order is a serious violation and the experienced attorneys at the Krieger & Ongert, Attorneys at Law law firm have the ability to protect and enforce your rights.

Failure to obey the terms of a valid court order can result in an enforcement proceeding by filing a motion for contempt.

  • Refusing to pay child support
  • Refusing to provide health insurance
  • Refusing to pay spousal support
  • Refusing child visitation
  • Alienating the child against the other parent
  • Moving without permission from the court
  • Failing to turn over marital property

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