Experienced Representation For Unmarried Parents In Texas Paternity Cases

Kathy D. Ongert and Steven W. Ongert of Krieger & Ongert, Attorneys At Law, are attorneys who represent biological fathers prepared to undergo paternity testing, in order to increase child access, and birth mothers seeking to establish parental rights in order to receive child support payments.

During our 50 years of combined experience as family law attorneys, we have represented mothers who wanted to establish the paternity of their children's fathers in order to obtain support; and handled fathers' rights cases for dads who wanted more time with the kids.

There are also examples where a man wants to submit to a paternity test to show he is not the father, and a variety of other paternity situations. Whatever your specific paternity legal needs, Krieger & Ongert can handle it with poise and professionalism.

We know how to navigate the complicated court system and help you through the process to protect your interests.

Skilled Family Lawyers Handling Paternity Cases Throughout Southeast TX — In Houston, Galveston And League City

To establish paternity, fathers can provide genetic material or, in some courts, simply admit to being the father in court under oath.

But any rights you receive will come with some responsibility or sacrifice. Fathers who establish paternity in order to obtain custody and visitation rights will also receive a substantial portion of the financial burden of caring for the child or children. Similarly, mothers who want to establish that a certain individual is the child's father, in order to receive child support payments, will also have to allow that person to have regular opportunities for custody and visitation.

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