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Understand when your 'Miranda' rights actually apply

Your "Miranda" warnings are actually just pointed reminders of your Fifth Amendment Constitutional rights, including your right to refuse to answer when the police ask you questions. You are also reminded that if you do choose to talk to investigators, they will record everything you say and use it against you in court if possible. You are also reminded that you have the right to an attorney to help mount your defense in court -- even if you can't afford a private one.

That's it.

Do false arrests really happen in drunk driving cases?

If you're pulled over for a traffic violation, you may be startled to find yourself the target of a drunk driving investigation -- especially if you haven't been drinking.

However, the moment that the officer says that he or she smells alcohol on your breath, you know that's exactly what is happening.

Don't compound your problems during a drug arrest

The "Darknet" has a reputation for being a safe way to secure virtually anything -- especially illegal drugs -- from the overseas market.

Once a relatively unknown topic, you can now find your way onto an underground internet site pretty easily. All it takes is a little bit of a search and the capacity to follow directions.

Digital evidence can be challenged at trial

Digital evidence isn't exactly new to the courtroom but its use is becoming far more common than it has been in previous decades -- a fact that is changing the nature of both criminal investigations and criminal defense.

Text messages, chat room transcripts, emails and even global positioning satellite (GPS) records are being used more often to provide evidence that leads to criminal arrests and convictions.

5 key financial tips for your divorce

Money and divorce are closely linked. You and your spouse are splitting up because you disagreed with how to spend money. You thought it wasn't a big deal when you were dating, but it just got worse after marriage. Eventually, it pushed the two of you apart, you gave up hope that things could change, and you just realized that it was in your best interests to move on.

As you do, keep these financial tips in mind:

Will going into rehab destroy my chance at custody?

Should you delay treatment for a drug or alcohol addiction until after the judge makes a decision on custody? Will having a documented history of drug or alcohol addiction permanently ruin your chances at obtaining custody?

While you ultimately want to discuss the issue with your attorney, since every custody case is unique, take a moment to think about the situation from the judge's perspective.

What to do when there's a warrant out for your arrest

What do you do if you've just found out that there's a warrant out for your arrest?

Unless you've been down this road before, you're probably more than a little scared. Stay calm and stay focused, however, because there are some definite things that you need to keep in mind:

Understand marijuana laws in Texas before visiting

Summer vacations mean travel, and the state of Texas is a popular tourist destination -- but not understanding the changing laws regarding the use of medical marijuana could spell serious trouble for people who are intending to visit Texas from states where medical marijuana or recreational marijuana is legal.

First, it's important to understand what is and isn't legal in Texas. Texas has been a state in flux when it comes to its marijuana laws and many nonresidents may only do a cursory check of the laws and think that marijuana is already legal in the state.

Conspiracies and parental alienation cost broadcaster custody

The battle between Alex Jones, the broadcaster whose anti-establishment conspiracy theories made him a star, and his ex-wife ended with his ex-wife gaining shared custody and the right to determine where their 3 children will live.

That's a major victory for the ex-wife, who has had little contact with her children since her divorce. So far this year, for example, she's been allowed to see them just five times.

Fighting forensic evidence may be easier than you think

Thanks to television and movies, most people think that forensic evidence can pinpoint a murderer's actions and identity with laser-like precision. The grim reality is that there's a lot of flawed forensics going on in the nation's labs -- particularly in Houston.

The latest forensic lab scandal puts 65 more Houston criminal cases in question -- cases that include homicides and officer-involved shootings going back to 2015. All of the new errors seem to be at the hands of just one investigator.

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