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Fighting forensic evidence may be easier than you think

Thanks to television and movies, most people think that forensic evidence can pinpoint a murderer's actions and identity with laser-like precision. The grim reality is that there's a lot of flawed forensics going on in the nation's labs -- particularly in Houston.

The latest forensic lab scandal puts 65 more Houston criminal cases in question -- cases that include homicides and officer-involved shootings going back to 2015. All of the new errors seem to be at the hands of just one investigator.

Texas takes drunk driving very seriously, and so should you

People make mistakes all the time. Sometimes, those mistakes can change your life. If you are facing driving while intoxicated (DWI) charges in the state of Texas, one mistake could cost you your freedom and a lot more.

Sometimes, DWI charges result from a poorly administered roadside sobriety test. Small mistakes on the part of law enforcement could have a major impact on your future. Other times, undiagnosed medical conditions could lead to driving that looks impaired and a false positive on a breath test.

Illegal searches can lead to drug charge dismissals

Most drug charges result from some sort of search -- and not all of those searches are legal. One of the most common ways that your defense attorney can defend you in a drug possession case is to challenge the legality of the search that turned up the drugs.

If your attorney is successful in challenging the legality of the search, then any evidence found during that search, including the drugs, is generally inadmissible in court. That can leave the prosecution without a case and no choice but to dismiss the charges.

What does an ex-cop say you should do when pulled over?

There is a lot of information floating around the internet and elsewhere about how you should act when you get pulled over. We all know that you should remain calm, but having a more detailed plan can mean the difference between leaving without incident and receiving a ticket or getting arrested.

So what do police officers pay attention to when engaged in a traffic stop, and how can you set yourself up for success? Officers are only human as well, and may respond differently in various situations. What is important is keeping the interaction simple and civil, giving the officer little or nothing to escalate. Dan Krieger, a former police officer and prosecutor who is now a criminal defense attorney, understands the balance between complying with an officer’s requests without violating your rights.

Don't let your commercial driver's license go without a fight

If you hold a commercial driver's license (CDL), a drunk driving charge has the potential to upend your entire life. A conviction can cost you your livelihood forever.

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) requires more responsibility from drivers who are handling commercial vehicles for a couple reasons:

Texas man's Dominican Republic drug trafficking trial delayed

A Texas man's foreign drug trafficking trial has been delayed -- again.

The defendant, a businessman from the affluent community known as The Woodlands, will spend another month in a Dominican jail under deplorable conditions before he even gets to trial, despite efforts by congressmen, embassy officials and local attorneys to secure his release.

Minor conviction can cause college graduates major headaches

Just about everybody these days knows that a felony conviction can follow you well into the future, affecting such diverse things as whether or not you can vote or own a gun, where you can live and what sort of job you can get.

What most college students don't realize, however, is that those minor misdemeanor convictions that they might rack up over the wild days of spring break can eventually cost them a job once they graduate.

Have a safe St. Patrick's Day and avoid a drunk driving charge

St. Patrick's Day falls on a Friday this year -- which, for many, means an extended holiday filled with lots and lots of green beer.

It also means a surge in drunk driving arrests. Data from Alcohol Monitoring Systems (AMS) shows that drinking violations by drivers who have already been convicted of drunk driving are expected to surge 17 percent on Friday, March 17, compared to the normal daily violation rate. AMS is also predicting that violations will rise nearly 25 percent on Saturday, March 18, as party-goers and binge drinkers continuing celebrating into the weekend.

Is your plea bargain really that much of a bargain?

Most people are familiar with the idea of a plea bargain: they're essentially a deal between the prosecution and the defense that resolves a criminal case before it goes to trial. But is this kind of deal really a bargain for the defendant?

Maybe not.

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