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Paying child support is critical to your custody case in divorce

You love your children. If you are divorcing, you're probably quite conflicted about the best way to handle custody and support issues. On hand, you want to do the best you can for your children, but you also want to ensure you get to spend time with them. If your former spouse is the one who filed for divorce, chances are that you won't have custody during the divorce proceedings. Instead, you are expected to pay child support while only getting to see your children a few times a week.

Overall, it can seem incredibly unfair and frustrating, particularly if your ex spouse is withholding visitation.

It's important to remember that the custody and support arrangements in place during your divorce proceedings are not necessarily indicative of how your final divorce decree will look. Working with an experienced family law and divorce attorney can improve your chances of obtaining full or shared custody of your children. In order to support your case for custody, it's important that you continue to pay your child support in full and on time. This will demonstrate to the courts that you are putting the needs of your children first and that you have the resources available to support them after divorcing.

Withholding visitation is a violation of a court order

When the courts create temporary custody and support orders, you and your former spouse are expected to comply with them. Failing to pay your child support can result in having your wages garnished, your tax return seized or even incarceration. If you are paying your child support but your former spouse is withholding your visitation or intentionally cutting your time with your children short, he or she is violating the custody order from the courts. Your divorce attorney can help document this non-compliance, which can help strengthen your case for custody in the final divorce decree.

Regardless of how your former spouse is behaving, it's of utmost importance that you take the high road, no matter how difficult your former spouse is making it. There is no clearer example of placing your children's needs before your own than by paying your child support even when you are being denied your legal visitation times.

Your attorney can ensure the courts are aware of your efforts, which can help establish you as a devoted parent. Child support can be confusing and frustrating, but an attorney can help!

An experienced attorney can make all the difference

When you're going through a contentious divorce, particularly if there are issues with asset division or custody, working with an experienced Texas divorce attorney is critical to your success. He or she can provide advice about how to build a case for custody. An attorney can also advocate on your behalf to the courts, improving your chances of a favorable outcome to the final divorce proceedings.

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