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Conspiracies and parental alienation cost broadcaster custody

The battle between Alex Jones, the broadcaster whose anti-establishment conspiracy theories made him a star, and his ex-wife ended with his ex-wife gaining shared custody and the right to determine where their 3 children will live.

That's a major victory for the ex-wife, who has had little contact with her children since her divorce. So far this year, for example, she's been allowed to see them just five times.

It was also an ironic twist for the broadcaster -- this time, he represented the establishment and his ex-wife represented the whistleblower, as she and her attorneys told the court that the broadcaster's fame and money had allowed him to convince previous experts and court officials that his ex-wife's "emotional dysregulation" was a threat to their children -- while his own narcissistic personality disorder and "cult-like" manipulations went undetected.

While much of the broadcaster's behavior on his show was barred as evidence in the case, jurors were treated to the real-life version of the persona Jones' lawyers tried to claim was just an act. His behavior on and off the stand prompted rebukes from the judge. He was so determined to depict his ex-wife -- the mother of his children -- as a bad parent he refused to acknowledge that she had any good qualities at all.

His ex-wife's attorneys, for their part, focused on the difficulties of fighting a narcissist and parental alienation syndrome in court -- which is their explanation as to how a bevy of experts all came to agree that the children's mother was somehow a dangerous parent during their divorce. The awful reality, they said, is that both the children and their mother were the radio host's victims -- just in different ways.

Parental alienation syndrome (PAS) effectively destroys the children's relationship with the targeted parent, while the narcissistic parent secretly (or not so secretly) encourages the children to treat the targeted parent with disrespect, loathing and even fear. The children don't realize they are being manipulated for the narcissist's own benefit and are deprived the healthy guidance of their other parent. In turn, the targeted parent loses his or her children physically and emotionally.

This case illustrates how to effectively fight PAS in court. If you believe that you and your children are the victims of something similar, don't hesitate -- seek help from a child custody attorney right away.

Source: NBC News, "Infowars Founder Alex Jones Discusses Custody Battle," Mary Emily O'Hara, April 28, 2017

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